Tears and Tide


Two trips to our favorite spot in less than a month.

Both gifts.

Both unforgettable.

Both tears and tide drenching our shirt-tales the entire time.

I sit solo on a deserted beach that day, watching as Hurricane Hermine tries to give us all a run for our money.

Sitting awe-struck with eyes glued to sea, the roar of the waves draw me in deep and death is being washed up around my feet.

I am familiar with this roar…and I’m familiar with death…

Storms do that you know…they sift, they stir, they purge…

Earlier that morning I received a text from a friend. Her words SO encouraging and she sends a Spurgeon quote…

One I’ll never forget.

“I’ve learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the rock of ages,”.    

Salt collects in strands of hair as tears stream down my cheeks.

I weep…

I weep because I know what it means to be thrown, pummeled, pelted…

There’s been a lot of that going on around here the past three years.

You see, this TIDAL WAVE called terminal disease came straight for us, trying to take us under.

It’s mile-wide expanse ripped clean-through the lay, of well, everything…leveling us right to the ground.

It was blunt-force trauma and it seemed unstoppable….

Until it hit the rock…

The same rock that has shattered a thousand waves into a thousand pieces…

The waves move in closer. Their roar piercing me through.

This storm wants me. It wants to claim me for its own…but this time, I’m still.

This time, my storm-stance is different…

You see, I know the one who commands the waves. They serve the same master I do and because I know the master, I can face this storm unarmed.

Because I know the master, I can stand ready to kiss the very wave that was sent to pelt me into the rock of ages…

Because I KNOW the master, I can embrace the very wave threatening to take my life, knowing it is actually the catalyst sent to save it…

Friends, today I’m reminded, it is possible to sit silently on the shore while watching the waves roll in hard toward you.

It is possible to Choose Joy over dread in the midst of the storm, knowing you’ll be getting wet regardless.


It is possible to know that “life-preservers” don’t always come in the form of something that snaps around your waste in effort to keep you above water, un-harmed and preserved in your original state.

Because sometimes the real “life-preservers” come in the form of real “life-threateners” and sometimes the real harm is remaining in your original state.

The reality is that sometimes we must lose our life before we can really find it…

THE REALITY is that sometimes being carried away by an enormous wave is better than being swept away by a deceitful current…

Today, I’m reminded not to fear the waves or the rocks because the waves were sent to carry my tattered-tired self to a solid-rock fortress where I can be hidden, healed and restored.

A place where the rescuer can breathe real life into lungs that were designed to inhale all of his goodness and exhale all of his praise.

Psalm 62:2 “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken”.

Today, I am reminded that HE IS the solid-rock fortress into which I’ve been cast and I will forever kiss the wave that washed me up to his feet.

I lift my eyes toward a break in the clouds, sea fouls fly overhead. And it strikes me…


The same rescuer that holds his creation above the waves will also hold his creation in the midst of them.

One thought on “Tears and Tide

  1. “The same rescuer that holds his creation above the waves will also hold his creation in the midst of them.” So grateful we have a rescuer who warns us there will be storms and keeps us in them. xoxo {That’s a great book. One of my favorites on seeing God in the hard.}


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