Hey there and thanks for stopping by! My name’s Lori.  What’s yours?


Tell you what, just give me five minutes of your time and let’s get to know one another.  The thing is, there is SO much I could tell you in five minutes but for time-sake, here are the highlights.

I’m a born and raised Kentuckian with a rather unique set of skills. I’m a grass-mowing, wood-stacking, house-roofing capable momma.  However, I much prefer mothering my children, tending my succulents and writing about life. My husband died from a terminal illness in 2017 and since then, these kids and I have been trying to figure out our “new normal” –– whatever “normal” actually is.

When I’m not wiping noses or sorting mountains of laundry, my spare time is spent reading all sorts of material, writing down all sorts of thoughts and pondering the world’s deepest subjects.  Subjects like intelligent design, human behavior, neuroscience, religion, life, death, NDE’s (near death experiences) and dinosaurs.

Am I morbid? No way!  I’m simply not afraid to wrestle, question, forage or press.  I fit no molds and though it’s taken me years to accept, I make no apologies for that.  I am me and that’s all I can be.  After all, its not everyday you meet a wood-stacking mom, who admits to contemplating about dinosaurs!

Do I believe in the divine? Yes! And I’ll tell you why.

Do I believe in a particular divinity? Yes! And I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about Him.

Do I cling to a particular set of beliefs? Yes! And I’ll tell you about those too!

Will I always write about my beliefs in attempt to sway you from yours? No. I’m simply here to share my story.  A story that’s both messy and beautiful.

With that said, I suppose you’d like to know a few more “not-so-heavy” things about me.  Here goes.  I enjoy coffee,  watching sunrises and soaking up sunsets.  I enjoy craft making, furniture painting and pretty much all things creative.

In fact,  I like creative things so much that somewhere along the line I received some expensive-looking piece of paper, filed somewhere in my not-so-expensive-looking house, from some common name university, saying I graduated with some degree, rendering me capable of stringing together a sentence.

I’ve also written for a local magazine approximately eight years, so I guess you could say I enjoy this creative writing thing some to!

In closing, I’m simply eager to share about my life and learn about yours.  So please, pull up a chair and let’s sit a spell.  Just you and I.  Let’s think, read, discover and discuss this thing called life together.

With Joy,

—Lori Jude


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I read your beautiful words.. Being an ER nurse , and seeing the many challenges the human body faces has shown me to count every day as a blessing from God. You are such an inspiration for me and many who follow your story. Hugs and prays for you and your family..


  2. My prayers are with you today and thru the coming months. Sorry I couldn’t come to funeral because of weather.
    I loved Chad, I cut his hair when he was in high school. Always smiling and happy. My son Brock graduated with him.
    I’m sure he’s rejoicing in heaven and smiling his big smile.
    Love and prayers, Kay Ward


  3. Lori, I met you tonight. I read your story. I praise God for you and Chad for lives you touched and for lives you will touch. Of course as a wife and mother your story made me cry. But as your sister in the Lord, I praise God for the comfort I know God is providing you and your children. I don’t believe in chance meetings so I’m grateful for God ordering our steps.


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