Dear World: Intermission over…


So the trouble with living is that sometimes you actually have to…well…live!

You see, this season is absolutely, indescribably, BEAUTIFUL in so many ways. But friends…lean in close…SHHHH…here comes the secret. This season has also been absolutely, indescribably, MESSY, painful, lonely and completely slaying on ALL levels.

The days AND nights are often too long AND too short at the same time and the exhaustion levels you experience are unlike any other.

The emotional highs and lows you experience cannot be described adequately and the battle we’ve engaged in for more than three years now has at times, leveled us mentally, physically and spiritually.

After almost exactly one year since we began our blog, we will be picking back up and sharing a bit more of our journey.  Please bear with us and enjoy the next several posts to be published.

It’s not just about sharing what it’s like navigating through life in the midst of a terminal disease.

It’s about sharing survival in the most unlikely of ways and it’s about sharing  miracles in the most unlikely of forms.

It’s about sharing divine revelations in the deepest, darkest moments of our life and it’s about sharing our “heart transplant” procedure-so pieces of HIS heart can be transplanted into yours…

As you read this collective of memoires, both from the current and the past, please keep in mind that we will bounce around a bit since “stand-out” moments are more valuable here than adhering to a strict, consecutive timeline.

At first we’ll be rewinding back to August of 2016 and covering A LOT of sacred ground.

These are a collection of memorized moments, recorded on a journey and now shared for the greater good…

The good they were intended for all along.


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